Welcome to webpages of  Společnost Podané ruce o.p.s.

        We help people who face critical situations in their lives to solve their drug problem and to cope with it in the most efficient way, and we try and direct our activities so as to prevent this problem from occurring. At the same time we protect the society from negative consequences of substance abuse.

To contribute to the support and dissemination of humanistic ideas, protection of human rights, development of civic society, creation of space for respect and tolerance, to the uniqueness and right of self determination. To contribute to the prevention of addictions by developing the independent, free environment.

To help people in difficult life situations in two crucial areas: in the field of addictions and in the field of work with children and youth. To seek and develop ways towards social, health and personal stabilisation of our clients by creating high-quality prevention, support and intervention services with respect to over a long time sustainable quality of their life and personal satisfaction.

We intend to provide high-quality services in the field of prevention and treatment of addictive behaviour, mental health, programmes for children and young people, post-penitentiary care programmes, public health protection, programmes focused on the support and development of ethnic groups etc. Through the background
of the professional organisation, which is an indispensable partner to institutions and actors in the field of the prevention and treatment of addictions and in the field of work with children and young people, we wish to satisfy all-society demands for high quality social and medical services.

Fundamental human ethical principles, respect, empathy, openness, trust, innovativeness and creativeness, teamwork and professionalism. Courage and perseverance to accompany people on their way to freedom.